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Elkton Oregon
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Experience for yourself why Elkton Oregon is considered the“Newest and Coolest”wine region in Southern Oregon

Elkton’s diverse group of growers and winemakers includes two biochemists, a longshoreman, a freelance TV producer,

a handful of builder/contractors, a mining executive, two medical professionals, a diesel mechanic, a college professor and an elementary school teacher, as well as many lifelong farmers, wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts. All are united by a quest for high quality wines, and by a spirit of neighborly cooperation. Established wineries such as Brandborg, Bradley and River’s Edge serve as mentors and consultants to the new growers of Elkton, helping them through their first plantings, harvests and crushes. “Growing grapes and making wine are relatively new economic alternatives for the Elkton area,” says Mike Landt of River’s Edge Winery. “I feel like it is part of my civic responsibility to offer the use of our facilities to fledgling wineries in our community.” “When people see the Elkton AVA designation on a label, they will know it is a premium Pinot Noir or aromatic White,” explains Nina Pace of Anindor Vineyards. ”If they’re looking for the best in cool climate varieties, they’ve come to the right place.”

The quality of Elkton’s wines is well established. Recent awards include a Gold Medal earned by the River’s Edge Black Oak Vineyard Pinot Noir at The Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, a “Best of Show-Red” for Bradley’s Baco Noir at The Salem Food and Wine Festival, and a Double Gold for Brandborg’s 2011 Gewurtztraminer at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

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