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Elkton Oregon
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Elkton is located just 33 miles inland from the Pacific coast, within the beautiful misty hills and valleys of Oregon’s Coastal Mountain Range. Ocean breezes frequently blanket the coastline west of Elkton in the thickest marine layer in Southern Oregon, keeping Elkton’s vineyards cooler, moister and foggier than those in Oregon’s other southern appellations. The winegrowers of Elkton sought the AVA designation from the federal government to differentiate themselves from growers in the greater Umpqua Valley AVA, which is more suited to warm climate grapes. “We’re different up here in Elkton, at the cool edge of The Umpqua” says Terry Brandborg of Brandborg Wines. Longtime grower Bonnie Bradley of Bradley Vineyards agrees, adding “it’s nice that Elkton finally has the notoriety and uniqueness we’ve always recognized.”

Elkton’s first vineyards were planted with the premier cool climate variety of Pinot Noir by Ken Thomason and Bob Bingham in 1972. Thomason and Bingham were the first to appreciate the viticulture potential of Elkton, which was then prune and filbert country. More than forty years later Elkton is home to eight vineyards and six wineries, four of which, Anindor Vineyards, Bradley Vineyards, Brandborg Wines, and River’s Edge operate tasting rooms. Anindor is expanding its tasting room into an Oregon-built yurt for the coming season, and Elkton’s newest label, Gillirose Vineyard, plans to open a fifth Elkton tasting room in 2014.

Elkton Earns Distinction as Southern Oregon’s Newest and “Coolest” Wine Region